By Watchdog reporter

Legendary rapper GNL Zamba has surprised many when he posted on his social media that he doesn’t understand why Uganda martyrs are still celebrated yet they disobeyed the king of Buganda Mwanga.

According to Zamba, in any political setup what the martyrs did was treason and they got the punishment they deserved for causing mutiny that was dividing the kingdom at a time.

“First of all the British burned these boys and blamed it on the king whose only intention was to scare them and imprison them on an island in lake Victoria but the British connived with Mukajanga the henchman to burn the sons of chiefs in Buganda,” Zamba noted.

“The British knew that with such a grave loss of the close members of the ruling council the king would become the villain of all ages and the kingdom would be theirs for the taking. That is what is still happening today with even a twist of collecting tithe from poor Africans that is sent to the Vatican and lent back to them through banks controlled by the western churches. I can never be part of that non sense,”