By our reporter

Ever since she was sacked as Bank of Uganda Director in Charge of Supervision, Justine Bagyenda has not been herself.

We have learnt that she has been trying all her best to meet President Yoweri Museveni to narrate her ordeal and if possible to be given back her juicy position.

According to Eagle Online, last week Bagyenda made an appointment with the president through one of the presidential aides whom she informed that she had information to share with him.

Upon reaching the Kawumu presidential farm, she was kept waiting for close to three hours and after completing a tour of his farm with journalists, Museveni went and met her.

Bagyenda told the President how Governor Emmanuel Mutebile unfairly treated her during the restricting of central bank which saw her sacked from office.

To her dismay, Museveni who seemed not concerned with her issue, just told her that he has nothing to do with Bank of Uganda restructuring so she should carry her own cross.

Immediately after telling her off, the president called off the meeting.

It should be noted, that before taking any decision, it is alleged that the Governor first met and consulted Museveni on the restructuring who gave him a green light over the matter.

Museveni had for long asked Mutebile to rebuild public confidence in the Central Bank by restructuring the human resource and getting rid of some officials.

Bagyenda was replaced with Dr Tumubweine Twinemanzi. Who has been working as Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) Director Industry Affairs and Content (Economic Affairs).

She came to prominence during the chaos that followed Bank of Uganda’s takeover and subsequent sale of the defunct Crane Bank and she was randomly accused by MPs and the general public for failing to do her job.

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