By Allen Kisakye

Early this week, social media was awash by news that renowned social entrepreneur and motivational speaker Frank Gashumba had beaten his daughter Sheila Gashumba to pulp over misconduct.

Following the incident, Gashumba has come out to advise the public not tell him how to run his family.

Gashumba said that Sheila had become disrespectful lately, comes back home late while drunk and he couldn’t stand such misbehavior.

He said that as a father, he is trying to mold his daughter into a responsible woman because he invested a lot in her, which is one of the reasons she is a successful young girl.

“I love my daughter a lot that I can’t sit down and watch her throw her life away in a company of bad friends and that why I slapped her” Gashumba revealed.

Gashumba, who is known for speaking truth to power, said, “the role of parents is to protect, defend and guide their children.” He told Watchdog Uganda that he has raised his daughter alone and if anyone has ever paid fees for Sheila at the schools she attended or, guided her career, should come out to fault him.

Sheila attended among others Taibah High, St Marys Namagunga, Kabojja, and Galaxy International School. She did her university from South Africa.