By Herbert Bukenya

Former lead singer of Revival band Nabbi Omukazi real names Maggie Kayima says she doesn’t miss her former boss Pastor Augustine Yiga who was rumoured many times to have been her lover for a long time.

She insists he was a great friend and she doesn’t regret their 9 years ‘together’ because he did lots of good things for her and was there for her many times.

But when it comes to casual relationship, she says she doesn’t miss Pastor Yiga and actually detests the ugly side of him especially the way he treated her when the two fell out.

Kayima goes even further to warn all those who have worked for him or are working for him and plan to leave him and try to fight him that he is a mafia.

“He is dangerous, fearless and can do anything to those who take him on so they should be very careful if they choose to do so,” she lamented.

And about whether they were lovers or not, she says she will remain quiet on that and let the public go by what Pastor Yiga says with the later having categorically stated they were ‘great friends.’

Maggie made these confessions in an exclusive interview with a local TV station and promised to release some new music this year having taken a break to do what she calls self rediscovery after leaving Pastor Yiga’s band and church.

The star who was famous for songs like Yantuma a collaboration with Jose Chameleone, Omwana Womuntu and Omusajja Ayenze to mention but a few says she will come back with new releases in the industry this year which will not be neccesarily gospel oriented like her past music.

She says she has some fine love oriented tunes already recorded and ready for relase at Paddy Man’s Audio One studio and at Sound Cova records run by new producer on the block Diggy Baur.