By Herbert Bukenya

Musician and celebrated song writer Ray Signature who became a big star a couple of years back with his Kasenyanku hit is back in the centre of the business and has some unkind words for mushrooming TV and radio music critics.

While launching his new song Birala on a local radio station Ray lashed out at these unproffessional critics who simply express their feelings about people’s songs just because they have the platform but no knowledge at all about music.

Ray says these people don’t know what even goes into putting together a good piece of music from writing to recording, production, video and promotion they have no idea about the effort and huge cost but have the audacity to rubbish the work of hardworking aritstes.

He added that he doesn’t mind having his work critiqued by some one who knows a thing or two about music for example a seasoned producer or some one who studied music but won’t take criticsm from those who know nothing about the business.