By Allen Kisakye

Popularly known for her songs like ‘Still standing’, ‘Nkooye’, ‘Selector’ among others, dancehall diva Cindy Sanyu has confessed that she no longer cares about what media says about her.

Previously, she claims, she used to look out for everything that media has written about. Currently, she just doesn’t care.

“I used to read all articles about me especially the negative ones and I would spend many sleepless nights worried about what people thought about me. Now I really don’t care,” she says

It should be noted that the ‘King Her Self’ has been in a lot of scandals and media has always been on her neck.

First, it was her breakup with her baby daddy Mario, and then she started dating with Fina Masanyalaze’s husband Ken Muyiisa among other scandals that the media had to get involved in.