By Dan Robert

I found out that the woman I was going to marry has Two mature kids. A 17yr old young man and a 10yr old girl. These children have different dads. I have none. I weighed the situation and decided not to proceed with the wedding. When I told her that I could nolonger marry her, she was so mad. She pulled, pushed and hit me and then she promised that she was going to tarnish my name in every way possible. It was evening when all this happened, she screamed and in anger, picked her phone and started calling people telling them that I was beating her up.

Immediately, I found my way out of the house and since then, she has followed up accusation after accusation and lots of malice just to spoil my name. She had been one of the helpers that helped clean at Kitante primary school where i had started the Friday Motivations live and was responsible for registering those present. Earlier I had requested numbers for those that would wish to receive shorts videos of what took place at Kitante.

I had created a watsapp group where I shared the videos. Well she went to the group and maliced me putting up all kinds of accusations. She then took the numbers and started calling one by one telling them how evil I was.

Members, I am extremely hurt. All I ever did was to cancel the wedding and not only because she had children but I considered other reasons too. How did I meet this woman? She came to me claiming she needed someone to talk to and then befriended me. At that time she was struggling with rent issues to which I took half of my salary that I earned on Bobfm and paid her rent. I pitied her because of her story that she had shared with me and I chose to get close to her. To my surprise I was never sexually turned on by her and so we didn’t go far sexually.

Well among the reasons I pulled out were, I found out that she smoked a pipe – emmindi, during the second month with her, I got fired from my job. My show was the best performing show and yet up to today I don’t know why I got fired. I was called for a meeting and was told, my services would end that very month because they could no longer afford to pay me. I had a shop which the boy that was operating it took off with the two laptops and all the cash.

I could not continue operating it without the laptop. Literary in 3 months of being with her, I had lost everything she found me with. I asked her to let me go and what do I get in return? Malice and fabricated stories to destroy my name. I am posting this here because my funs and friends are my family. I fight everyday to survive because of that one choice… My heart bleeds not for the things and the job that I lost but for my name.

I will carry my cross and I will not stop speaking Encouragement and Motivation to make people become better than they are. This is why I exist. When I overcome this trial, it will added on the topics of my Motivation. Remember; “Every saint was once a sinner and every sinner has a future” My people use my experience to derive own lessons. You should not make the mistakes that I made: In all: What doesn’t kill you?!