By Allen Kisakye

The CEO of Balaam Marketing Agency, Balaam Barugahara alias Balaam Promoter has refuted rumors that he had a hand in preventing the Kyarenga Concert from happening as earlier planned.

“Many of you have been making propaganda how Balaam is having a hand in stopping Kyarenga. I’m not anywhere connected to the event,” Balaam posted on Friday.

The Concert was meant to happen on October 20, 2018, but it has been postponed to November 9, 2018.

Rumors had it that Balaam was not happy he had been overlooked as the main organizer and that he had connived with artistes Bebecool and Catharine Kusasira to stop the event from happening while using the ‘Bazukulu influence’

After Namboole Stadium gave the concert a green light, Balaama instead blamed Emma Marketing Agency for not cooperating with the government and government agencies such as the Police.

“If you want to be successful in our Uganda, work with the seating government. If it goes your also free to jump to the incoming,” he advised fellow promoters

On Thursday morning during an interview on Bukedde TV, Promoter Abtex scoffed at all artistes and event promoters who rub shoulders with President Museveni. These, he blamed them for trying to prevent the Kyarenga concert from happening.