By Henry Rugamba

On Wednesday 26th October I had the distinguished opportunity to accompany The Chairman Uganda Rotary Cancer Program Stephen Mwanje and the Chairperson of Cancer Run 5 Lydia Bujara to Bulange to thank the Katiriko and the associated agencies BBS TV, CBS and Buganda Land Board for the support they accorded to Cancer Run 5.

Like most of us, I know where Bulange is and what it stands for but I had never had such a close encounter. Wow! These guys are serious. Our appointment with the Katikiro was for 10:00am and we got there in good time. At precisely 10:00am we were ushered into his office and there he was Owek Charles Peter Mayiga himself standing up to meet us with a broad smile and tons of humility making a personal comment about each one of us – nice touch I thought, I got to use it one day.

Our meeting was business like, we thanked the Kabaka and the Kingdom for throwing their weight behind the Cancer Run, we appreciated the representation of Prince David Wasajja at the run, the publicity provided by CBS and BBS TV and the financial support from the Buganda Land Board. In response Owek Katiriko recognised Rotary for championing health issues, ‘…what Rotary is doing resonates with Kabaka Mutebi’s commitment to see better treatment facilities for cancer patients…’

I could go on with the details of our meetings but I believe the media did that better than I ever can. Instead I want to tell you what I saw and felt.

Guys, I saw a business enterprise with all the right ingredients in place to ensure a profitable and sustainable corporation. I saw a passionate team who believe in the investment decisions that have been made and who are committed to delivering record breaking Return on Investment for the Kingdom.

In the Eyes of Joe Kigozi and his sales team at BBS I saw what ‘Hakuna Mchezo’ looks like, I saw a drive to improve TV broadcasting while retaining a cultural identity, I saw young beautiful people to whom this is more than a job, this is life.

In the words of Michael Kawooya Mwebe CBS MD I heard commitment to ensuring relevant content, I heard the strategy use the medium to improve the lives of the community tuned in, and I heard commitment entertain on one hand and advocacy for social change on the other.

One thing I am sure of is that, if the guys running the business end of the Kingdom have the stomach for the long haul and if the leadership of the Kingdom keeps the faith, entrepreneurial books will tell the story of a Kingdom in Africa that broke the shackles of inheritance and dependency with 21st Century business acumen.

Our Media houses and enterprises need to take note of what is going on in Bulange, the Private Sector needs to understand how the workers there have been motivated to be so passionate and importantly the other Kingdoms in the country need to reach out and learn how they too can turn strong culture and love for their leaders into a roaring lion in the jungle of business.

I must sign off as they do in Bulange at the end of a meeting by saying, Ssaabasajja Kabaka Awangaale