By Najibu Mulema

Controversial UPDF officer, Brigadier Kasirye Gwanga has reacted to the scandalous shs 6 billion presidential handshake saying that since government officials were rewarded with such kind of money, it’s high time for him to demand for his retirement benefit.

While appearing on NBS TV, Kasirye Gwanga, government doesn’t retire them because it doesn’t have money to pay them off but when he heard about the presidential handshake, he got to know he should also demand what belongs to him adding that it’s going to be a war between him and President Yoweri Museveni until he gives him his money because he wants to go.

“Do you know why they don’t retire us, they don’t have money to pay us off,” Kasirye said.

“And when I heard about the shs6 billion, it’s now going to be a war between me and the big man to give me my money I want to go, I got other things to do. You see my Camp David it needs me to be here most of the time but I cannot,” the Brig further asserted.

The no nonsense army officer pleaded to the president to give him his little package because he has worked for the last 44 years.

Recently, 42 senior government officials rewarded themselves with shs 6 billion following Uganda Revenue Authority court settlement win against a British Oil firm known as Tullow oil.