By Patrick Edward Musisi

A user-friendly, non-hazardous bio gas power source for cooking and lighting has kicked off. It was commissioned last week by Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II after undergoing testing at Jesjonny Primary School in Mukono Central Division

The idea of the project, initiated jointly by the school and the Kabaka Education Fund, was conceived by the school director, Mr Geoffrey Mayanja in response to the Kabaka’s call to save forests, when the latter visited the area a few months ago.

Outlining advantages of the system to Watchdog Uganda on Tuesday, Mayanja said that besides eradicating foul smell from the latrines, it keeps the latrines constantly in use without getting filled up, and is relatively cheaper compared to the cost of wood fuel.
In addition, the bi-product offers an organic fertilizer which he said the school sells off to outsiders at a cost of Shs20,000 per jerrycan after using the rest for boosting fertility in the school garden.
Inside the kitchen, children’s meals cooking at the cooking places.
“The whole system cost us Shs100m and a package includes cooking places, digesters which filter the component for bio gas from the bi product used as fertilizers, and pipes for transferring the waste into the digesters,” Mayanja said.
The director said that research students from Uganda Christian University (UCU) Mukono spent three months studying the system and concluded that it can be used for domestic purposes, with supplement of animal waste in case of inadequate human waste raw material.
Mayanja said that since they started using the system, cesspool emptiers have been kept away, and instead they receive customers for the fertilizer. He added that the school is considering setting up a training wing for bio gas application to other users especially institutions.