5. He has an inflated ego

This is that man who brags a lot about the expensive things he owns and the many beautiful ladies he has slept with. He always wants people to know that he is THE GUY when actually he is not. The fact that he has a small penis is messing up with his head and he is yet to accept it.

4. Unwarranted rage and/or jealousy

A man suffering from small penis syndrome is always very jealous and insecure. He ‘catches mafeelings’ and becomes full of rage whenever he notices that another man is hitting on his girlfriend or just any other dude talking or staring at her.

Small members bother both men and women

3. He never discusses his penis

Unlike women who will often talk about their flaws, men conceal them at all costs. This is that guy who will always avoid talking dirty or sexting with a girl he likes. He will insist on out-door activities and will often drop statements like,” a relationship is not all about sex”.

2. He tries to preach about how “size doesn’t matter.”

He is a constant crusader of “size doesn’t matter”. Ladies, if a man keeps saying this to you he knows that it really matters. Such a dude tries to make you feel comfortable with his member but it is not until you experience a man with a bigger machine that you will know you were cheated into settling for less.

How you know he is not blessed abundantly under his pants

He has a small machine

1. He is a giver

Ladies, you need to pick this last point and even forget about the rest. A man who spoils you with gifts every other time, treats you like the English queen knows it is the only way he can compensate for his tooth-pick like member. Ask yourself why women go for sponsors, or rich men then look for a Ben 10 to finish the job.