An MCA on Thursday recounted how a friend allegedly lured him to a house in Kiambu Town where she and her allies extorted money from him.

Kijango Ward Rep Matiru Mwarage told a court that Ms Catherine Wanjiku, whom he was meeting for business, lured him to her house where a man stormed in and accused him of sleeping with his wife.

Mr Matiru was testifying in a case in which Ms Wanjiku and Ms Millicent Wairimu have been charged jointly with others of robbing him of Sh53,000.

The MCA said the purported husband arrived with Ms Wairimu.

He said the man assaulted him before ordering him and Ms Wanjiku to undress and go to the bedroom.


Mr Matiru said another man came to the bedroom and took their pictures, threatening to expose him unless he parted with cash.

The MCA said he was taken back to the living room and ordered to sit on a wet floor. He was told the matter would end there if he parted with Sh100,000 the said husband claimed he had paid as bride price.

“They demanded Sh100,000 and said I could take Ms Wanjiku as my wife,” Mr Matiru said, adding they even threatened to chop off his genitals.

The politician said he told them he only had Sh23,000.

“They ordered me to call friends and explain that I had been caught sleeping with someone’s wife and needed to raise Sh100,000, which I did,” he recalled.

After further negotiations, Mr Matiru said, they settled on Sh50,000 and he was to pay Sh23,000 after which they would drive to Nairobi, where his friend was to give them Sh30,000.


“After handing over the money, I was told to dress up but when we stepped out of the house, I shouted for help to the people working at a nearby construction site,” he said.

Mr Matiru said Ms Wairimu and the photographer sped off in a car while the purported husband fled on foot.

Ms Wanjiku was arrested in a nearby house, while Ms Wairimu was caught later.

The MCA said he later learnt the accused had received another Sh30,000 from his friend through M-Pesa.

The hearing resumes on September 9.