By our reporter

The nation was shocked by the news that the wife Janet Namugenyi and children of former Monitor Publications accountant Abel Katende had confessed to his murder.

Katende’s body was recovered from a pit latrine at his home in Kasangati days after he went missing.

Flying squad operatives arrested his wife and her children upon a tip off from a concerned neighbour.

It is understood that the family had some misunderstandings with their father which prompted Katende to relocate to Masulita two years ago.

However Namugenyi and her children were not satisfied with what they got, so they wanted more wealth from Katende and his life was the obstacle. The family members therefore hacked a plan to kill him to own everything he had. Their resolve became firm when they heard Katende was planning to marry another woman.

The family knew a call from his children Lilian Najuma and Gideon Kaya would soften the father’s heart. They told him they missed him and needed him to visit to bond. Katende fell into the trap and accepted.

On 27th April, the four visited his home and allegedly clobbered him with a wielding stick, killing him instantly.

They later carried the deceased body in a car boot and took it to Rutete village Kasangati Sub county in Wakiso where they dumped it in a pit latrine.

It was neighbors who heard him scream for help that told Police that his children had a hand in his murder, prompting officers to arrest them all.

The arrested family members upon questioning confessed to having conspired and committed the murder and were able to help police in reconstructing the scene of murder.

A joint effort by the Flying squad, Crime Investigation Department, Fire Brigade and rescue services, together with area police managed to exhume the body of the deceased from the pit latrine where he had been dumped for a week.

The body has been taken to Mulago Mortuary for post mortem.

The Flying Squad Commander ACP. Herbert Muhangi has warned the residents who intended to storm and demolish the houses of the suspects that they would also be charged with malicious damage.

ACP. Muhangi called upon the residents to stay calm and maintain neighborhood watch during this sad period as investigations are being finalized.