Stephen Bwire
I think we should all go herd goats, didn’t know this was a goldmine! Hon. Margaret Muhanga has opened my eyes. Blessed day folks.

Hadijah Nakitende
I am also going to start, kozi how many cows and goats can you sell to make10bn?

Joachim Buwembo
She sold goats, cows “and other things”. Are you sure you also have the “other things” which could have fetched 99% of the sh10b for her Stephen Bwire?

Muhereza Kyamutetera
Let’s not mince words. Margaret Muhanga is either a thief, an agent of a thief or both!!! Perhaps the reason why she called her company Extreme Innovations!! What an appropriate name!!!

Ibrahim Kitatta
Why should you go to law school when u can rear goats and get 10.2 Billion ? Our kids need career guidance. Congs Hon Muhanga Margaret sister to Andrew Mwenda.

Nimusiima Edward
At a photo shoot of my UGX 50 Billion project.

-The little goats, 2 days old, go for UGX400,000
-The teenage goats go for UGX30M each.
-Old goats go for UGX2 Billion each.
-I also sell depending on the colors.
-Virgin goats (those with their goats) go for a whooping UGX5 Billion each.

Disclaimer: My goats speak good English. They have an Instagram Account. They can even have an intellectual discourse with you while they are on your plate.

You want goats? Inbox.

Joachim Buwembo
The reason I am poor is because I dont know how things are run in Kampala, though in my small book ‘The Ugandan Paradox’ of 2012, I observed that UBC is a real estate dealer that also used to do some quality television broadcasting in the past. Anyway, as a real estate dealer, I think UBC got its pricing wrong. How can 23 acres of prime land go for a mere sh10b after changing ownership three times? Again in my naivete, If I got 23 acres at sh10b, I would sell off only three acres at sh6billion which I would use to provide service utilities on 80 quarter-acre plots cut out of the remaining 20acres and sell each plot cheaply at a throw away price of sh250m and go laughing to the bank with a profit of sh10b. Have I got the Maths correct?

KeyMe Akiiki
Visit Fort Portal today,
Rare Goats and Cows, earn billions of shillings,
Visit Tooro, travel now now!!! ????
See you all soon, am on way to the farm now, I don’t have any animals yet, but lemme hustle and see.
Don’t forget to return in December #WrongIncite affair, MMM will be present ?

Baluku: Some one just said mbu Muhanga Margaret sold her “Goat”???

Notice of sale; Elephant sized goats with the ability to twerk and wiggle and can also speak English and Kiswahili at your request are on sale.
Price: 1Bn shillings each
Dealer: Margaret Muhanga
Contact: UBC lands close.