By Allen Nakawooya

Many people find it difficult to decide on future career paths especially high school student because they are ignorant about opportunities. This also happens to university students especially those who study courses with variety of activities, for example mass communication, where there’s videography, print, radio presentation, television presentation, news reporting among other things. Such people find it hard to identify their potential but if you one of them, don’t jump on everything because you may not perfect them all and you end up being a failure.

Choose a focus area
Decide what to focus on and perfect it. It’s not so much what happen to you but how you react to it. Have a great attitude, love and add value to whatever choice you‘ve made, because the more you love your choice the more the gains out of it. Make a great foundation for your choice by befriending people in your career. Researching about your career choice, will not only lead you to more knowledge but also create links to experts in your field

Following your passion
Set goals for yourself by knowing what you want to achieve, have action point on how and when to achieve it, this will help you to gather courage to work towards fulfilling your set goals. Don’t listen to people’s negative words because they don’t know your inner person. There are those people who may discourage you but just pay a deaf ear to them, don’t compete with others because you don’t know their background. Just focus on yourself.

Commitment to excellence
Do your best in whatever you put into action. Don’t just work for a sake of accomplishing the task because people will be there to watch you. Those are the one who will recommend you for a better job, let other people learn from you.

Be resourceful
Your own brain is the first resource for everyone, utilize yourself by thinking beyond where you are, utilize the people around you by interacting and contacting them. Utilize time, stop spending much time watching television 24 hours a day. Invest in your time

Minding about behaviour
Being disciplined is a good brand, respect people despite their age and size. Avoid being in bad terms with people, give many chances to your enemies to become your friends

Success has a simple formula; determination + handwork -laziness = success.

Allen Nakawooya can be reached at email or telephone 0775526336