By Faridah Nakazibwe

The reason why we find it hard to find one, is because, we are looking for movie love… The Romeo and Juliet Love.

The type of love where someone would be looking straight into your eyes all the time with smile, telling you, I love you, I can’t live without you… I can kill my mother because of,No body offends each other… No one gets angry till eternity…and No one is perfect.

Such love surely exists, on television, only.

Feelings do not last. This is because, no one feels happy all the time. Sometimes, you’ve got to wake up on the wrong side of the bed… When true love is based on feelings, it disappoints. Feelings will fail. But True Love never fails.

But there is how to find true love. True love is possible. You just need to find love in you first, before finding it in another… If not, you will end up demanding love from someone who is also demanding same from you.

When you have true love inside you, you will magnetize someone with true love. So cultivate true love on your inside first. This is how.

First, you must understand that Love is a Person. The Person called True Love is the force behind your ability to give and forgive. Without Him, you cannot be kindhearted, gentle, merciful. God is Love and a true One. Find God first, love will be resident inside you before looking for love from human being.

When you have these qualities, you can attract someone with same qualities, who will love you. That is how to find true love. True love will find true love.