By Ronald Mayanja

In my Monday series last week, I posted my advice for the employed class of people and one of my ardent followers Helen Ngabire Ashaba requested me to document something for the unemployed. I am glad to inform you that it’s right here below. My friends who are unemployed, this will help you.

Start by discovering your passion. What do you love doing? When you find your passion, everything else becomes second. Yes, money, recognition and other nice things becomes second. When you discover your passion, look within your circles. Do you have a friend, relative or an organisation that does something within that line? If yes, don’t even ask your close pal, just go ahead and inquire if they have a placement that befits your passion?

It would be good to understand if they’re any incentives that come with that role. If none, then loose no guts, go ahead and offer to volunteer. You can give a maximum of 1year as you volunteer and a minimum of 3 months. By doing this freely, you will be learning more skills, on job at the same time you add positively to the team, company or organisation.

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This way, your employer will get used to you and the day you will opt out, you will create a vacuum. It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that more than 60% of such volunteers are called back to work this time not for free but for pay.

Some companies that embrace this way of working normally create a new position to accommodate the new employee on a basis that they offered some essential services for free (previously for as a volunteer).

Secondly, think about starting your own business. Identify prospective business partners and pitch your passion (business idea) to them. This process involves interesting your would be partners into your passion for appropriate support, say capital, human resource, advice etc. It’s unlikely that you will leave without any support. At least one person might support. When they promise you, don’t be lazy to follow up. It can be a good start.

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Thirdly, it’s wise to accept any starter job as you wait for your dream job. Sometimes, things don’t fall in place the first time. The right job will come at the right time. God’s timing is always right. However, that doesn’t mean that you sit back and wait. Luck benefits he who is prepared. Start with that lower job regardless of your education status.

Lastly, self-educate, self-educate, self- educate. The internet is here, some people will tell you that they don’t have MBs to to research on the internet for the latest business articles and start-up business experience and so on. Instead, some people use their data to just jazz with their friends who are taking them nowhere. I am not saying that all our friends are useless, some of them can never take you anywhere. Year in year out, they are talking about the same old stuff, no new ideas at all. Please reload new ones.

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“I would highly recommend that you use your data wisely. One way is to establish new relationships with people who are better than you.”

Engage them in constructive stories and discussions, they will take you somewhere and you will stagnate no more. The best time to start and implement some of these ideas and more is Now.

Enough of procrastination, say no to unemployment. Let’s grow together. #AbilityExplored.

Ronald Mayanja Omugalanda, Motivational Speaker at Ability Explored.