As Uganda slowly but steadily becomes a nation, the country has over the years formed its characteristics, and below are some of them;

  1. You value the event but not bothered about arriving on time.
  2. Government is to blame for every problem, even if we all know the government has never done anything worth for anyone
  3. When it rains even those with cars stay indoors with an excuse “it is still raining”
  4. A known thief is still referred to as “mugagga” and no one ever questions how he or she acquires the wealth
  5. When a deadline is announced it means you start working in the dying hours of the deadline so that you complain the deadline issuer wasn’t fair to you in one way or another
  6. Someone literally begs to get a job but once he or she gets one, starts insulting the boss or complaining of work
  7. It is not important to have an document as long as you have some change to bribe your away out
  8. Experts who offer others advice actually need help themselves…toli mwavu mutwe gwo gwemwaavu