By Mulisike Badru

Once upon a time

when we were born

We were innocent and always smiling

We were loving and charming

We knew this society was everything we admired

We had love for every one

Family,friends and strangers

We embraced pets too

Because they gave us company

We never knew what hate meant

We never heard of death

And we were innocent of the satires of society

We were young and ignorant

Blinded our eyes were

Then years went by from childhood to teenage life

That opened our lives to the mess around us

We developed a second person within us

Out side we were different

Inside we were different

Fingers started pointing into us

Bad eyes looking at us

We feared,everything was changing

And we were being judged wrongly

We felt out of place more

Society had really changed on us,

It made us change our life style

Society lied to our innocent minds

Alas!it was too late for us to recognize

We became social media addicts

Looking for fame

We felt our names had to be written on stone and not sand

We only wore expensive brands of clothes

bought newest types of phones

sipped expensive drinks

This is what we thought was a life

We were so careful with everything we did

Because we knew there were eyes looking and judging us

We lived in a life full of fears and regrets

We were like robots controlled by society on how to behave

And so we faked it all

To fool the gangs surrounding us that we were ,what we weren’t

We had become so reserved with our feelings and actions

We never wished to be cowards

we wore fake faces

to lie that we were always okay

we learned to be outgoing

even when our hearts were depressed and shattered

We lied that our hearts were made of steel,to never feel any pain

We learned to gossip,we learned to hate

we learned to discriminate

we learned to hurt others,

Because we thought we were better than them all

We learned to walk away from those who loved us,when we thought they were no longer our grades

We now only lived to please the society than pleasing our heart

We begun losing ourselves on the way

We begun hating life thinking it was hard with us

We became images that people fell in love with but inside us we were completely different

We struggled with society

We feared sharing our fears

We were losing our way,losing our pride ,losing our hope,losing our life

Look at what was happening,teenagers being killed by our society.