By Kiyimba Bruno

The vice president of the Uganda, Motor cross Association Mr. Ismail Balinda was arrested by the Uganda Police after finding him with drugs in his house, as well as an ongoing illegal construction of a drugs company in his residence.

This took happened at Buzzi Village in the sub county of Sissa on Entebbe road.

According to Bukedde newspaper, the raid on Balinda was carried out by the Americans.

It is alleged that the American led group, escorted by the Uganda Police went straight to Balinda’s home and got all that they wanted after which they handed the suspect over to the Uganda Police.

On Saturday, when police went back to Balinda’s home, they realized that what people thought to be a poultry farm was actually a company that was under construction to make drugs.

Balinda’s home was constructed with a very long wall fence which cannot allow anyone to see what takes place inside.

According to Balinda, the drugs are on a very high demand and he was expecting to sell a kilogram at USD50, 000 which adds to UGX 180,000,000 as per Uganda currency.

All the machinery that he had bought to produce the illegal drugs were taken to the police and his house left with policemen guarding it.