By John Ssempebwa (Facebook)

Sorry, Makerere university is not open yet – But, by the way do u know where our university hill derived its unique name?

Well, between 1680 and 1690, the Kabaka, Juuko Mulwana a proud member of the Mmamba clan, fell so hard for a world class beauty named Nalunga that on a one cold night, his Royal Highness couldn’t resist risking his security to sneak out of his own palace as his usually-alert guards snored!

Unguarded and determined to immediately woo the said Nalunga, miles away, his majesty walked miles in the dark, through lion dens, and python paths until he found his way into Nalunga’s hut and heart! [Use your imagination at this point]! he indulged, engorged – lost track of time so that daybreak found him outside his palace, sweating, panting, but victorious and excited – and to this day that place, where his guards found him, smiling, is known as Makerere (where the day dawned on the Kabaka). The two love birds later got married –

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