By Watchdog reporter

Lubaga South MP Kato Lubwama is in the news over his academic credentials and how after failing O-level, and without A-level, he went ahead to obtain a diploma in Music, Dance and Drama from Makerere University.

Kato Lubwama has promised to tell the world his academic journey come end of this month when he appear in court.

However radio journalist Mulindwa Muwonge today offered to explain how the anomaly came about.

Muwonge who was Lubwama’s workmate at CBS and fellow actor, is privy to some information. This is his explanation.

“I take this opportunity to clarify on Hon. Kato Lubwaama’s academic issues.

In the early 90s when the MDD department was established at by then the only University there were no Hsc students to join the university, so the department administration took a decision to recruit performing artists. Professor Rose Mbowa (rip) was the chief producer of black pearls and the younger Koto Lubwaama was a star and a darling of the audience. So this was a special mature entrance whose qualification was being a known artist. In fact there are those who joined when their level was S3. It might be true that Paul did not get a certificate but he never forged. Article 80 (c) of the Ugandan constitution expressly states that one to be a member of parliament must have S6 or an equivalent. It is unfair to portray Kato as a fraudster because the MDD department administrators the likes of Prof Rose Mbowa, Mr. Mangeni, Mr. Kisense and others were toiling to make sure that the department stands and we give them a distinction to what the department is today. So the University cannot cancel Kato’s diploma. But still legally the limitation period is over whoever wanted to go to court had to do It in the time flame as per law.

Finally someone can have a diploma without O-level that is by joining an accredited institution and study for nine month for a certificate and then proceed for a diploma. That is my view without bias.”