By our reporter
The biggest story in Uganda should be how poverty is eating up the citizens, as government squeezes the last drop of coins out of the pockets. Luckily, there are other developments that help to distract the citizens from their misery.

This biggest distraction today is the killing of women which has come from senseless murders in Wakiso particularly Entebbe and Nansana areas. Now the murderers have realized that it was useless to kill women for free. What they do, they first call the relatives and squeeze some money from them, then, kill the target and move on.
So, my 5-year-old daughter, like children her age, has been asking me questions about these murders and kidnaps. And this is how it went. I will call her Kanyabo for this article’s sake. I will call myself Mzee.

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Kanyabo: Dad, why are women being killed every day?
Mzee: Women are killed everything!!!! (wondering, not wanting to scare the little one)
Kanyabo: Yes dad, everyday dead women are reported on television and radio.
Mzee: Well, police is doing its job. Killers will be taken to jail.
Kanyabo: You are lying. Women were killed in Entebbe, Nansana, then, that rich girl Magara, we don’t see suspects in court.
Mzee: Police has arrested over 100 people
Kanyabo: How many people conspire to kill, dad?
Mzee: Please don’t interrogate me. I am not a killer. What you should know, police is doing something about it.
Kanyabo: But if police was doing anything about it, killing should have stopped.
Mzee: So what do you think?
Kanyabo: I think there is a big a problem. They said Kayihura was the problem…he was doing politics instead of police work. But since he went, more people are dying. So, Kayihura wasn’t the problem!
Mzee: So what is the problem?
Kanyabo: Ugandans are tired of life. Everyone is for themselves.
Mzee: But I am here for you. I built you a home, I pay your fees, I take you to hospital when you are sick. You don’t go to bed hungry.
Kanyabo: So, what does the government do?
Mzee: It builds roads, provides security, those big things.
Kanyabo: So, why are women dying, where is government?
Mzee: You and I are government. We should watch our neighbourhood and mind our security. We are the first line of security. Don’t walk out at night. Put on security lights. Respect life of another person.
Kanyabo: So why do police officers do?
Mzee: They keep law and order
Kanyabo: Where?
Mzee: Nkooye, ndeka.