By our reporter

The ‘arrest’ of former Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura and a number of his associates by the military, started as a rumour on Tuesday but has turned out to be a matter of fact.

The reports almost died when President Museveni’s brother Gen Salim Saleh termed the reports, ‘fake news’, but, it seems the operation also left him in the dark.

The Wednesday arrest puts to rest all speculation that Gen Kale was a wanted man and is officially in the hands of the military authorities.

President Museveni on March 4 sacked Gen Kayihura as Inspector General of Police and replaced him with his deputy Okoth Ochola.

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“Yesterday he was asked to report to the UPDF Chief of Defence Forces Gen David Muhoozi at General Headquarters Mbuya. A helicopter was subsequently dispatched to transport him but on arrival Gen Kale had traveled to Mbarara… Today the helicopter was sent back to Kashagama and has returned safely to Kampala with him on board,” Brig Karemire said in a statement.

The military officially sent a statement admitting Gen Kayihura was in their “hands”. The military however packaged the detention with sweet words, evading the words “arrest” or “detention”.

Gen Kayihura was picked from his country home in Katebe village, Kashagama sub-county Lyantonde district by a helicopter left behind by Lt Gen Mbaddi, the deputy Chief of Defence Forces.

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The military explained the reports that a helicopter landed at Gen Kayihura’s farm yesterday, however, he was away to what army spokesman says he had gone to “Mbarara”.

However, the explanation that Gen Kayihura was missing on his farm, explains the raid on Courtyard Hotel in Lyantonde on Tuesday afternoon, where the former IGP is said to be patron.

Brig Karemire said in a statement , that Gen Kayihura was summoned by the chief of defence forces at the military headquarters in Mbuya, and on Wednesday morning, the helicopter returned to pick the General, and returned with him “on board” according to the military statement.

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The statement put to rest all the speculations of Gen Kayihura’s impending arrest, and now, the question is; “Will Gen Kayihura be put on trial and for what?”