By Namugerwa Martha
Ms Nalongo Eseza a poultry farmer who started with shs80,000 and now the business is worth shs500,000 in five months.
Ms. Eseza who started poultry farming after losing her money to Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) law enforcement officers during an eviction of vendors off Kampala streets.
Nalongo says that after sitting home idle for a long time she decided to start up a small business but didn’t have enough capital.
She took all her savings of shs80,000 and bought two ducks and some hens (broiler ) which she started rearing at home.
After one and a half months she started selling the hens at shs13,000 each as well as ducks at two months shs25,000 each.
“I never thought that I will be earning this amount of money without paying rent and other taxes,” she added.
This business has helped Eseza to take care of her family and paying the school fees of her four grand children.
” I am aiming at being one of the best and known poultry farmers in the country, I advise all the people to stop being idle and start poultry farming even if you start with a small amount you will earn good money because farming is a good business if you are serious. ” Eseza stated.