By Fortunate Ahimbisibwe

In 1981, they were called our Western friends and allies who helped to ‘liberate’ Uganda by removing Obote and other past leaders (swines).

In 2018, they have become Western imperialists, gay promoters etc.
The truth is, foreign domination has always been around. Its not starting with Bobi Wine. It will not end with him.

President Museveni came to power as a result of endorsement and support from what you now call imperialists. They have now become imperialists because they have shifted their alliance.

Now the imperialists feel that he has outlived the endorsement, they have found another ally.

The Western ‘friends’ have no permanent friends, they have permanent interests in Africa. 
That is called fair play in their world.

What we should be asking, how do these powerful Western allies pick on a man who was previously dismissed as a ‘weed-man’. There must be something unique about him they have seen. His charisma and capacity to attract an audience. His capacity to bring out a message that resonates with the youth.

Why didnt they pick on one of the young Generals within the system that have been groomed for leadership?

Why didnt they pick on one of the intellectuals that have been making noise around?

Whoever they choose to work with, we are still a conquered people wether by West or East (China), we still dont have our total independence.
He who pays the piper calls the tune.

If we can get a functional social structure with hospitals, schools, pension and care system fpr the old, and an income for all people able to work, it doesnt matter who is the imperialist. They are all the same.

But at the end of the day, the problem lies in the fact that 33 years amd still counting is too long. Imperialists dont take lies, if you promise to go, they expect you to go, if you can’t, you get pushed. Maybe the imperialist cant take it in anymore. They need a more vibrant person who can run their errands. The current one has done his share in Somalia, DRC, Sudan….
Time for a new errand boy.

What you call agents of foreign interests are infact ordinary people speaking out against corruption, unemployment, human rights violations, inequitable distribution of resources.

There are no foreign agents, there is #PeoplePower. The imperialists may only facilitate what has been waiting to happen, like they did previously.