”My mother died in 1990 when I was still in school. I loved school and was doing well – my exam results were the best in the whole county. But with my mother gone, my dad couldn’t afford my fees and I dropped out to help look after his cotton farm.

One day while walking to the cotton farm, a Land Rover pulled by. In it were an English man, Mr Marshal, and two Ugandan men, Emmanuel and Fred. They offered me a lift and asked me why I was not in school. I told them how I was destined to be a cotton farmer like my dad and how he couldn’t afford to send me to school anymore.

After further conversations, these men ended up committing some of their weekly wages to pay for my school fees. With their support, I was able to complete my A-levels and attend University. I got a job at Uganda’s leading newspaper, the New Vision, and rose through the ranks to become Deputy Regional Editor until I joined Send a Cow as Marketing and Communications Officer in 2011.

By continuing my education, I’ve been able to pursue my own path and realise my dreams. That Land Rover stopping on the side of the road was a #LifeChanger moment and one I’ll never forget.” – Aggrey, Marketing & Communications Officer, Uganda ‘.

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