By Herbert Bukenya

Apart from a few glitches like calling up Herman Basude’s representatives and Fred Ssebata’s to pick the life time achievement award which went to Fred Ssebata and song bird Diana Nalubega flatting as she tried to sing a number of the late Mowzey Radio’s songs, the greater part of the 6th Hipipo music awards occasion run smoothly over the weekend.

Industry critics both artistes and other stake holders have however since complained about some of the awards given out as being biased like the award for best band song which went to Mary Bata for her Tugenda Komawa song in a category that had big hits like Tukigale by Edie Yawe featuring Carol Nantongo, Kwasa by David Lutalo and Nguwe Ani by Chris Evans featuring David Lutalo that were all ‘overlooked.’

In the category of best Kadongo kamu song a little known Jackie Kizito took the day with her song Zirindaba but in her category were some really big songs too like Emundu by Kazibwe Kapo, Abdu Mulaasi’s Byali Mu plani and Hassan Ndugga’s Kampala Agaanye that were all much bigger songs.

Kapalaga Baibe also took home the award for best contemporary folk song for his Omwana wa Mama jam but other big songs like Kano Koze Winnie Nwagi, Navio’s Tumunonye and Chris Evans Nakupenda were brushed aside.

Followers of these awards that are almost now the biggest and most consistent awards since the collapse of PAM awards, the most recent being the 6th edition also noted that some categories seem to be won by the same people inspite of the heavy competition there.

Cases in point include the best video producer award for the 2017 5th edition that went to Nolton of NG films, in the 6th edition of 2018 that category was split into two with an award for editing and another for directing that still went to Nolton of NG films.

The Best band song last year was still won by Mary Bata with her Sembera track but had in her category big songs like Oli wa Mukisa by Stabua Natoolo, Onsanula David Lutalo, Alintwala by Stecia Mayanja and Embosera by Jovan Luzinda which were all much bigger songs than the winning entry.

Outside the controversy though, the Hipipo music awards remain a key event to look out for in the local music industry only closely rivaled by the Zzina music awards organised by Galaxy FM that place at Sky beach Freedom City on Thursday next week.