By Herbert Bukenya

Luga flow artistes Fefe Busi, Jim Nolah MC and Da Agent have kicked off a major war of words that is taking the local music industry by storm. Fefe Busi started it all off with ‘Who is Who’ dropped on Puff Daddy and Nas’ famous ‘You can hate me now’ track.

Busi writes off Fik Fameika who he calls Fik Makanika a mere starter in the business. He also disses Victor Kamenyo for lying that he pinched a cow and it died. Gravity he says has stinking flows, reminding him he wasn’t immunised, Bussi also tells Gravity he wrote him all his good songs emphasizing the fact that he can’t settle on a beat and has no seat in the rap business.

Another rising star Jim Nola MC quickly drops in calling himself Uganda’s hip hop saviour. He starts by calling Fefe Busi a fake pussy and rat, goes on to call Fik Fameika a dummy in a boutique that knows how to dress and says the young star is only surviving on connections.
He says Gravity is ugly, he is so loud and strong he was supposed to be a pole lifter, he calls rapper Da Agent a mobile money agent with no flow or content at all.

He says Victor Kamenyo has no content alongside Fefe Busi ‘ru’ who played with a chopping knife when dissed him among other rappers he claimed not to know.

Da Agent who is the more established of the 3 reminds them he is the big one in the business, he also says in his reply track ‘Fear None’ he has come to advise not to diss or fight. He says the search for fame is making young rappers chase fame the wrong way instead of working together.

But he says he is ready to take them to school in the rap business and the fans will decide who of them is top which will most likely be him considering he is the most known and commercially successful of the 3.
Round two of the disses hasn’t yet kicked off but from the look of things this cycle of diss songs just got started.