The Uganda cultural fair is intended to avail and create a platform for the diverse African cultural heritages and endowments for exhibition of their potential to attract worthwhile benefits in terms of income earnings, exposure, and knowledge to improve on existing potential for maximum utilization.

The event which is organized by Bakora Moses Mujuni of Perfect events , the event think tanks; brought thousands of revelers to an exciting exhibition of the Ugandan culutures and other international cultures like Indians who graced the 3 day event held at Uganda Museum.

Different societies have different customs and beliefs, art, the way of life and so social organization and Uganda is one of the most culturally diverse countries in Africa composed of a unique cultural heritage. Most of the Ugandan tribes participated in this event and show cased their cultural setting. The karamajongs from Northern Uganda and Byanyankole through Igongo cultural center from Western Uganda tied in the 1st Position as the best cultural Exhibitors.

Enid of Igongo Cultural center exhibiting how women dress and how to preserve milk.

Moses pausing with one of the karimajongs at their tent

Local food, fashion, local beer, cooking, dance and drama, house hold items, jewelry, norms and behavior and family setup et al not forgetting sex education were among what was exhibited at the cultural fair.

The international community was represented by Indians who flew a troupe from Indian purposely to perform at the Uganda International Cultural tourism fair. The Rajasthani Association which was organised by Renu Varun, the Goodwill Tourism Ambassador of Uganda to India through the Indian high commission excited revelers and other Exhibitors with the Indian Music and dance. The Deli Public school also performed at the event.

Rajasthani troupe performing

In other exhibitions were acrobatics, camp fire and story telling, schools’ quiz about the Uganda Culture and tribes, leather accesories locally made in Uganda, Africa design clothes and bark-cloth to mention but a few.

Over 20,000 people convened at Uganda Museum for the three day event with the purpose of learning and understanding the diversity of the Uganda Cultures.

It was such a great moment meeting and rubbing shoulders with different tribes with diverse beliefs, norms and behavior.