By Mike Ssegawa

The death of Major Mohammad Kiggundu, has reignited the most tired question for anyone who has been following Muslim murders.
So many sheikhs such as Sheikhs Mustafa Bahiga, Hassan Kirya, Abubaker Kiweewa etc all have died in similar circumstances before like Kiggundu.
The police have always insisted these were the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), the extremist rebel group operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo but want power in Uganda to establish an Islamic order.
What most people don’t want to believe is that ADF has a hand in these murders! And you cannot blame them as none of the boda boda hit men has been arrested before. They always disappear in thin air.
However, most of these sheikhs, and this is the truth, share some things in common.
One, they are comrades in arms when they were part of the ADF ranks. All of them defected, and in ADF ideology, they betrayed their cause. Hence, deserve summary execution.
The deaths of these former ADF combatants remind us that evil we sow live long after us.
However, apart from ADF, these sheikhs that die have enemies within their ranks.
The Muslims have allowed too many factions in their faith that it is compromising the faith.
It is very important that police move tough on these Muslim sects who accused each of different things. In the end, the culprits in Muslim murders not so far from their victims. They are insiders in mosques.