Socialite Zari Hassan has finally clarified why she was detained in the UK for over 16 hours amid speculation that it was over her age.

In a post she shared on her Snap chat, Zari said she was detained by the immigration officials because of her citizenship reasons and not faking her age as reports had it.

“Thank you Lord for my bday. Another homeless whore out there posting ma Gov doc. Bitch its 1980 whether u like it or not. I did day for my citizenship reasons. “ she said

She went on to blast the blogger who claimed she was arrested for for faking her age on her travel documents.

“Again am glad to give you sleepless night bwahahaha 43 yr old don’t look like me,” she added

The person she is referring to is none other than her longtime nemesis Mange Kimambi who of late has an opinion about everyone and everything.

According to the Tanzanian activist, the reason behind Zari’s detention was due to a forgery. Mange went on to suggest that Zari faked her age on her passport and following her detention in the airport, she was seeking attention from Tanzanians asking her to carry her own cross.

Not the kind of a person who keeps quiet, Diamond’s baby mama clapped back at Mange stating that despite all the drama, she would be picked over her any day despite her age.

“Even if I looked 75 like this, they’d still choose me over you. Asylum seeker divorced dumped b….. God created me on Sunday. Look at me looking 75 but still hawwwt. Don’t we all want to be ZARI THE BOSSLADY. Spell it right on your way out,” Zari posted.