By Namugerwa Martha

Shortly after releasing the list of the top 20 tax paying educational institutions, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has also released the top 20 taxpaying religious institutions.

Doris Akol the executive director of URA appreciated the religious institutions for paying taxes regularly through out the last financial year 2016\17 by quoting a bible proverb which says that “give to Caeser what is Caeser’s and  to God what is God’s.”

“you have grounded people spiritually, flushed out the burden of life by providing a bedrock of faith and answers to humanity’s deepest needs, you have also groomed exceptional leaders whom the country can rely on because of their integrity,” Akol said.

Here is the list of the top 20 tax paying religious institutions:

  1. Watoto Childcare Ministries
  2. The Registered Trustees of Kampala Archdiocese
  3. Catholic Relief Services
  4. The Registered Trustees of the Uganda Episcopal Conference
  5. Watoto Church Limited
  6. The Ramgarhia Sikh Society Kampala Limited
  7. The Registered Trustees of Deliverance Church Uganda
  8. African Renewal Ministries
  9. Seventh Day Adventist Church
  10. The Khoja Shia Ithna Shari Jamat Limited
  11. The Registered Trustees of Church of Uganda
  12. The Registered Trustees of the Gulu Diocese Uganda
  13. International Bible Students Association
  14. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  15. Finn Church Aid Uganda
  16. Kampala Diocese Church of Uganda
  17. All Saints’ Cathedral Kampala
  18. Word of Life Fellowship Uganda
  19. Caritas Kotido
  20. The Registered Trustees of Uganda
  21. Joint Christian Council