If you want to be the kind of guy that always rocks her world in the bedroom, then you need to be prepared to learn some tips.

When it comes to touching a woman’s breasts, most men still get confused. There are a lot of ways to touch and a lot of different parts which bring different kinds of pleasure to her. Read below for the best guidelines to follow.

1. Kiss passionately

You want her to be receptive to you. This means she needs to be comfortable with you and wants you to touch her. Start by kissing right. Start slow, build up the passion. The best way to start is usually to test the water.  Start off with a little peck, then follow her lips with yours, move in time with her, and slowly allow yourself to take the lead.

2. Pay attention to other parts

Remember, this is about pleasing her and arousing her. Don’t just go straight to her boobs. As you kiss, touch her necks, arms, back, etc. The key is to tease her. Get her so turned on that she is yearning for you to touch her breasts.

3. Let her touch you

If she is touching you, she is welcoming you to touch her too. Be receptive to her touch. In case she is shy, encourage her. Let her know with moans or words that her touches feel good for you. This will make her want to touch you more, leading her to need your touch more too.

4. Be confident

This does not mean you get cocky and overdo it when she does not want you too. This means you should take the lead and make sure she is following. As the kissing gets more passionate, it might be time to move your hand to her bra strap.  Leave it there for a moment and see how she reacts. If she gets fidgety or evasive, you can assume she doesn’t want her bra to be unstrapped. However, if she’s fine, you might want to try hooking a finger under there and snapping it open (it’s easier with one hand than with two).

5. Don’t fumble

Unsnapping a bra is relatively easy; just use your thumb and index finger to locate the release, then lightly grip either side of it with your thumb and forefingers like a pincer. Do not press down too hard, as you may end up nipping her skin. Press your thumb and forefinger together and you will feel the clasp loosen, and then move your thumb up slightly in a twisting motion, and the bra will release fully.

If you would rather not go this route, you can simply try moving your hand to her shoulder and pull down her bra straps. If she is fine with it, move the other hand inside the bra and cup her breast with your hand.

Don’t be tempted at this point to start squeezing, rubbing, and twisting the nipple like you’re trying to tune a radio. Just keep your hand there for a while. Slowly, you may begin to touch the undersides of the breast, or lightly play with or pinch the nipple. As always, do not get rough right away. Women react better to gradual moves than aggressive ones.

Take your cue from her reactions. Start with light teasing on different areas of her breasts and when you hit a spot that works on her, apply gentle pressure. The nipple and areola are the most sensitive parts so if you truly want to drive her crazy, focus on those by trailing your fingertips on and around them. You can also give the nipples a light pinch and if she likes it, gradually increase the pressure.

The best rules to follow are — start slow and listen to her body.