By Catherine Apolot

Ugandans on social media have vigorously attacked government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo after taking a ‘selfie’ on the New Nile Bridge in Jinja.

On his way to Mulanda, Tororo District on Saturday, Opondo took a selfie while at Bridge and he immediately posted it on twitter with a caption; “I have just tried this #TheSourseOfTheNileBridge on my way to #Mulanda,”

However, the selfie has turned sour for the government mouthpiece after critics on social media roasted him left and right.

Here are some of the hilarious and yet so ridiculous comments against Opondo’s selfie;

We should have age limit for taking Selfie and posting them on Facebook,”said Frank #Gashumba to leaving E.g Ofwono #Opondo

Zampo Zamuunda But are the cables safe? I last heard him in bonna bagagawale cattle  scandal, where cows which where supposed to be given to poor taken by his wife.

Bernarzo Bernard Question of the day, name the two tourist attraction in the photo.

Bella K Garner Mbu his nose is all I can see

Bahemuka Mukula Thomas guys that be underwater but breathing fine

Semyalo Daphine Mbigo Am simelingi a sifu hia

Kibuule Franky He NOSE,he’s a NOSE it all.

Ithomas Iniesta some one said his nose looks like a space ship. nenfwaaaaa

Kawuma Jamil
 He must have stolen those giraffes

Simbwa Arnold I hope the bridge ropes are intact.

Mike Ssegawa
 Mbu there’s age limit to selfies