By Watchdog reporter

We believe most of you know the countless number of men socialite Zari Hassan has fallen for not forgetting her nude video showing her ‘kalahari desert’ which went viral on social media.

Due to her shoddy past it takes a man and a half to fall in love with this ‘legendary’ mother of five.

Since Zari knows she has a ridiculous past she also wonders how a man like singer Diamond Platnumz could love her that much regardless of what transpired in her life before meeting him.

She put on her Facebook page showering the Tanzania pop star with all forms of praise;

He is the man who loves me unconditionally regardless of my dark past, he showers me with love, the man who continues to stand up for me even when it comes to his family. The man who publicly got attacked by my previous lovers when they offered him millions in exchange that he should leave me he still chosen me rather than the cash. No one can break what we have he is my Simba, my lover, my husband, my everything and I happened to be his biggest fan who at the same time happened to be his wife by the grace of Allah  ? ? ? ? ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I really love him, he is my man regardless of what you haters say he doesn’t judge me but He gives me warm hugs which makes me keep on climbing higher and higher. Possibly I’m drunk in love. 

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