By Fr Chiemeka Utazi

Of course, yes. Jonah is from Galilea, Hosea is from Galilea and Nahum is also from Galilea. But why were they not able to remember this…because they were blinded by hatred. When you are blinded by hatred, love becomes an illusion. Explain a bit…

Love is so powerful that it goes beyond any human character. Love is so deep that the power of it can bring the hardest heart to salvation, and it can turn our deepest enemies to become members of our family. That twinkled feeling you have in your heart can go a long way to accomplish more than you ever imagined.

This is the power that God planted in your heart to change the world, but this change must begin by changing the way you look at people. It begins when you change your attitudes towards him or her. When you begin to understand that life is more important than all your arguments. When you realise that those things you are fighting are not actually needed to make your life meaningful.

My dear, you don’t need money to do this
Throw away that pride that is blinding you from seeing the truth
You don’t need an ATM card to make a difference.
Sometimes, it can be so strong and sometimes, it seems cruel.
But it might just save your life.

This power of love was demonstrated on the cross of Christ.
Although you may be helpless in your sin. But there is something you should never forget, that Jesus died for you, and he was buried in your heart, so that he will live inside you.

He is calling you to come. No matter how helpless or insecure or unworthy you may believe yourself to be, God is calling you, he is always there for you.

God’s love is a powerful force and it is transmitted to you, when you receive holy communion. Because communion means relationship. When you receive Christ, you should be a living spring of communion from which people drink. Your life should be a communion.

First time you feel it, it might make you sad.
Next time you feel it, it might make you mad.
But I tell you, you will be happy to realise it is the power that makes the world go around.

God has a plan for you my dear. He loves you just as you are, and he wants to empower you. Remember, nothing is impossible for God. All you need is come to him. He will accomplish greater things through you than you ever imagined.