By our reporter 

Hundreds of young men have today pledged their loyalty to the cultural leader of Bamasaba Umukhukha Bob Mushikori. 

Thousands of young men waiting to cross over to adulthood dressed in traditional attire lined up waiting to be circumcised, a traditional ritual which recognises one into manhood. 

Imbalu festival at Mukhoko in Mbale kicks off the season of circumcision which will end in December of this even year. 

This year’s festival went down as bigger and better after the Ministry of Tourism got involved in its organisation. 

Uganda Tourism Board chief executive officer told the media that the event is a massive cultural tourism affair which boasts the local economy as well as educates the wider public about Bamasaba culture which stretches into Kenya. 

The Saturday event was the ultimate party in Eastern Uganda, an exhibition of culture, power, talent, money, beauty name it.

The Bugisu, a people who call Mount Elgon their home, gather every two years to bless the initiation of boys into adulthood.

However the pomp and funfair which goes with it, is incomparable to anything else.

Business in Mbale and other Bugisu districts come to a stand still. Thousands of people descend on the traditional grounds to dance, sing, eat, drink, interact and network. Politicians from across the divide meet, hug and chat.

Minister of state for culture Peace Mutuzo talk freely with Nandala Mafabi the secretary General of the leading opposition party. Big wigs in the region join in fray of festivities.

The mammoth crowd danced to kadodi music which sounded in every corner of Mbale.