The 4th Division Army Court martial has acquitted nine soldiers of “service-offense-charges” and failure to protect war material.

The soldiers were also accused of cowardice and failure to defend Opit Local Defence Unit-LDU detach in Gulu when it came under heavy gunfire from unknown assailants on May 16.

Two people died during the raid, which saw the attackers make away with eight guns. Those charged with failure to protect war materials include John Okot Ocen, Private Bosco Onen, Private Oboyo Thomas Olwoch and Private Okello Otyek Richard.  The arrest followed the vehicles abandoned by the attackers alongside six guns, 270 ammunitions, bows and arrows when security repulsed them. The police zeroed investigations on the car drivers because the vehicles were known to residents.
Those charged with cowardice include Warrant Officer Class II Tom Ocen, Corporal Walter Kilama, Private Iduoka A. Nicholas, Private Iko Idago Samuel and Private Samuel Ocen. T

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The suspects appeared on Friday before 4th Division Army Court martial chaired by Col. Olanya Ojara in Gulu.  Ojara acquitted the suspects following a request by the prosecution to withdrawal the charges.

Lt. Hassan Kato, the 4th Division Public Relations Officer confirmed the withdrawal of the charges against the suspects.

He says the state decided to withdraw the charges after considering the circumstances surrounding the attack.