One of the best NTV’s luganda news anchors, Faridah Nakazibwe has added another year in life today.

But as she celebrates her joyous birthday, Nakazibwe has a piece of advice to whoever thinks growing up and growing old are the same.

Here is her precious advice;

So, Today is My Birthday But Before You wish Me a Happy One, Lets Talk About Age (Not The Age limit bill)

AGE has nothing to do with BRAIN. Growing UP & Growing OLD are never the same. Growing old is mandatory while growing up is optional by choice. The only difference between a 50yrs old boy/girl and a 25yrs old man/women is not the age but the brain. Perhaps the reason why GOD put the nose, eyes, ears and mouth in our head is because HE doesn’t want them too far from the brain. Knowledge is different from WISDOM. Knowledge can be acquired but wisdom is natural. Education and common SENSE are never the same. It’s a million times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense. Education is light while common sense is the switch. Power is nothing without control.

Knowledge is common while wisdom is rare. When knowledge brags, wisdom smiles. Humility is wisdom’s first child. Wise people don’t show off, only the fools display their foolishness. Avoid too many arguments even when you’re right. When arguments become a habit it turns to disease. You can never be right all the time. Everybody has a right to their personal thinking, reasoning, and opinions always respect it.

When people don’t see things the way you see it doesn’t make them a blind. If they don’t reason like you doesn’t make them a fool. The greatest foolishness is to think you know everything because your 30. No one will ever be considered wise or intelligent until he/she can wisely and peacefully deal with everybody’s level of understanding. Happy Birthday to Me.