By Herbert Bukenya

After recieving some heavy disses from young turks in the hip hop industry like Jim Nola MC and Fefe Bussi with the later claiming that Gravity Omutujju actually looks like a monkey, he has never looked like Zuena and wasn’t actuaolly immunised as he claimed in one of his songs, Gravity insists he is not moved.

Bussi in his Who is who diss track went on to remind Gravity he has no seat on the high table of hip hop after all he has never even written a single hit song for himsef so he should lay low and let the real stars take the lead.

In response to all the drama, Gravity Omutujju says he can not respond to a group of kids who even cant fill their parents’ compunds with a sizeable crowd to watch them perform.

He goes on to remind his fellow Emcees that he will only respond in song to a rapper who can fill Lugogo cricket oval with fans like he has done before, anything less than that is not his level and doesnt warrant any serious response.

As a result he he tells the young excited rappers to first build the fan base and credibility to match him then he can give them the attention they crave, less than that, he is not interested.