By Moses Ntare

Grandparents in Ntugamo District on Tuesday morning were arrested by police at Rwamabondo police post after concerned residents reported them for abusing and neglecting a sixteen-year old child.

Rwaburimbaare Dan together with his wife residents of Ibaare in Kibatsi Sub County have been torturing Katsigeire Jonan who was found with horrific skin rushes all over his body and deteriorating.

The child who was born with HIV/AIDS lost both parents to HIV/AIDS told the Ntungamo senior probation officer Benon Mugume that his grandparents refused to give him drugs and food in time which puts him at risk of losing life to HIV/AIDS at early.

The child was enrolled to ARVs by the NGO in the area called TPO who took him to Kitagata Hospital for HIV testing and counseling.

Mugume condemned the act of grandparents torturing their grandchild whom they should protect in order to reduce the stigma he has losing parents and infected him with HIV/AIDS.

He said that the cases of child abuse and neglect are rampant in Ntungamo district where every month 2-3 children are abandoned by their parents.

However, Mugume attributed this to the influx of Rwandase girls who cross the border to Ntungamo district to work as prostitutes in bars especially in Rubaare, Mirama Hills, Ntungamo town and Kibatsi.

Rwaburimbaare told the Police that the boy was not tortured but it was just changes brought by ARVs.

They made a statement at police agreeing to start looking after their grandchild.

Meanwhile the Police at Rwahi-Rwentobo town council are having in custody two children, who were abandoned by their parents.