By Waswa Tenywa

The Ministry of trade has re-echoed their ban on the sell of Alcohol sold in sachets after public outcry.

Speaking to the media during the second day of the Tax appreciation week organized by Uganda Revenue Authority at Kololo airstrip in Kampala, the minister of trade Amelia Ann Kyambadde revealed that as government working closely with the manufacturers and traders of alcohol they issued an ultimatum of 19th January next year for all alcohol dealers to stop manufacturing and importation of alcohol in sachets.

Kyambadde has however appealed to Ugandans setting up businesses to put more emphasis on the standardization of their products so that they can match the market if they are to benefit from their businesses.

Kyambadde appealed to Ugandans to avoid doing businesses because others have started them and have been success instead appealing to them to start what they can manage.adding that there are many issues of substandard goods on Uganda’s market which she said they are working to rectify.

In the same way Kyambadde appealed to Ugandans to adopt a saving culture and avoid unwanted expenditures.
‘‘be mindful of your expenditures in the businesses and adopt a saving culture which has led to the failure of the many Ugandans businesses,’’said Kyambadde.

Meanwhile Vincent Seruma the Uganda revenue authority communications officer enlighted Ugandans about their rights in the process of paying taxes.

the tax appreciation week organised by Uganda Revenue Authority which started on Wednesday 26 September will be concluded today Friday with lots of prizes to be given out.