President Yoweri Museveni has said that NRM government cannot legislate to take people’s land because the Movement is the author of the existing land law put in the 1995 Constitution that recognizes Ugandans as supreme owners of land in the country.Speaking during a live phone-in radio talk show on Kapchorwa Trinity Radio in Kapchorwa Municipality last evening, the President said those opposed to the proposed Land Amendment Bill, are ‘greedy or unpatriotic people’ who demand exorbitant compensation from the government and care less about the development of Uganda.

He said that their expositions contribute much to the delay or failure of crucial government programmes such as road construction and electricity extension, among others.He described them as the real enemies of the people.“What we did in the 1995 Constitution by legislating and recognizing that land belongs to the people, was new in Africa and was also deliberate because land is a big factor in people’s lives. Such a law does not exist in many constitutions on the continent. In many countries land belongs to the government,” President Museveni said.“When I hear liars who say that the Movement wants to legislate to take people’s land, I perceive the highest level of dishonesty by people some of whom are in leadership which shows you the quality of leaders we have in the country,” he noted.

Mr. Museveni wondered why media houses are allowing people who are propagating lies to use their airwaves to enhance their criminal acts and why the Movement cadres were not doing enough to counter them.Referring to several Biblical quotes, President Museveni described those propagating lies on the proposed Land Amendment Bill as ‘false prophets’ whose lies he has decided to expose; adding that they will be defeated.The President urged Movement leaders, especially those elected by the people, to stand with the electorate and vehemently defend pro-people Government programmes especially those targeting the poor.

“NRM leaders should stand with the people and defend government programmes that target the poor, such as UPE, USE and OWC and ensure that no single coin of public funds is wasted,” he reiterated.He advised wanainchi not to destroy the environment by cutting down the forest cover and cultivating on mountains. He said that those activities degrade the environment leading to erosion and the resultant landslides that have claimed many lives in the recent past in the country. He reminded Ugandans that environmental protection is a matter of life and death for humanity and should not be taken for granted.

On the boundaries between the different regions and districts in Uganda, the President said Ugandans need not bother themselves with the boundaries as all Ugandans have a right to live, work and settle in any part of the country as long as they acquire the land legally. He faulted the colonial masters over the existing anomalies with regard to most boundaries in Uganda.

Turning to security, President Museveni said that the country is totally secure adding that what remains is a wave of urban criminal gangs that are murdering people. He assured the country that they will be defeated just like the Kony bandits and the cattle rustlers were defeated. He, however, appealed to the Uganda Police Force to be vigilant and ensure the criminals are defeated.