By Mubiru Ivan

Government has arrested a man who has been claiming to be healing HIV/AIDS within 15 days.

Emmanuel Ndali was arrested by State House’s Health Monitoring Unit (HMU) personnel after he had placed several posters in Kampala and suburbs, advertising his ‘magical drug’ that heals AIDS within 15 days and Hepatitis B within 30 days.

Ndali told detectives that he would prescribe half a cup of the liquid herb to be taken four times a day.

According to Daily Monitor, Ndali said he was charging Shs1m for each dose; a dose was 10 litres of the liquid and would be collected in two phases in five litre jerrycan for each phase.

“The liquid herbs will be subjected to laboratory tests in order to ascertain whether it has any active ingredient. It is against the law for anyone to manufacture, sell and distribute medicine purported to cure any ailment in humans without approval of the safety, efficiency and standards by National Drug Authority as per NDA Act,” said Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the ministry of health senior public relations officer as quoted by the daily publication.