By Najibu Mulema

The Engineer Registration Board(ERD) is overwhelmingly steamed up after state minister for works and transport, Aggrey Henry Bagiire promised to secure loans for engineers to purchase heavy duty machines which shall help them get big contracts like construction of roads, dams and buildings which factor will help these engineers to compete stiffly with foreign engineers.

The minister said this while addressing engineers in Kampala.

It should be noted that construction materials and machinery are to expensive, which means local engineers cannot afford to secure them. It is from that juncture, the government of Uganda gives the big contracts to foreign companies who possess the state of art machines leaving out the local engineers jobless.

The minister said, “In Uganda there many construction companies but you find that there are few or non owned by Ugandans, this money will help local engineers buy machines and start up their companies which will boast job creation in Uganda as a whole, so I call upon engineers to register so that they domt miss this chance.”

Eng. Michael Odongo, the chairperson of ERB said as a board they find a very big challenge to compete and evaluate professionalism between the foreign engineers and them especially the Chinese who most times present their qualification papers in Chinese language.

He also argued the higher institutions to train engineers well inorder for them to meet the required standards.