By Kiyimba Bruno

The topic of the day to day these days is drought. Many people are experiencing heavy losses as others do not even have water to either drink or feed their animals. On this point MTKs technical sales representative Andrew Sekannyo requested government to provide water points more especially to the people in rural areas.

Mr. Sekannyo says that many people have lost their farms due to the heat yet the government that claims to love them has not done much to help. Crops like beans, sweat popato, cassava, Maize has dried up.

Irrigation which would have been the solution is now hiked. This is because water points are dry. It is on this note that Mr.Sekannyo advised for drilling underground water and improvises things like bore holes.

He however adds that farmers should start preserving grass that can help them during seasons like this. Farmers should use vigosine which helps in maintaining this stress more especially in this dry season.

According to MTK, medicines are expensive because the Uganda Revenue Authority puts heavy taxes on the commodities which make them to increase it too. On this note farmers are advised to consider the quality of the medicines they use to their animals instead of looking at how cheap.