By Namugerwa Martha

Minister of Agriculture, Animal husbandry and fisheries Vincent Ssempijja has said that government is going to start awarding best coffee growing districts to encourage coffee growing in Uganda.

Ssempijja said that the campaign of promoting coffee growing has started yet farmers are not fully motivated to grow coffee.

“We are going to award the best districts with gifts like construction of roads, money to help farmers and many other gifts that can help them grow more coffee.” Ssempijja said.

He further added that coffee was the main cash crop that boasted the economy of the country some years ago but with time, farmers became reluctant to grow the cash crop.

“These gifts and awards will encourage and motivate other districts to grow coffee at a large scale.” Ssempijja stated.

The minister also promised that fishing and animal industry will also be helped in finding good and reliable market for its products be it in Uganda or abroad.