By Stephen Kalema

Government is to spend Shs117bn to effectively implement the policy of zero tolerance to corruption at all levels.

According to the state minister for ethics, Fr. Simon Lukodo, Shs106,028,856,000 is already available for all anti-corruption agencies in the country to fight the vice.
He was speaking at the media Center on Tuesday.
According to Fr. Lukodo, the money is to enable sustainable fight against corruption since the policy requires a systematic, comprehensive, inclusive and coordinated approach which calls for heavy investment by the government.
“The Cabinet approved this financing arrangement to effectively implement the policy because it will need to build the requisite and robust capability to match the sophisticated nature of crime,” added Lukodo.
Museveni’s government has for years been fighting corruption. However, according to Fr. Lukodo, the fight against this vice has not been documented and there has not been any Framework to galvanize and effectively coordinate the operations of the established institutions. This has greatly constrained the fight against it.
To address all these gaps and re-affirm government to eliminate corruption and misuse of man power, Cabinet last week approved the ‘Zero Tolerance to Corruption Policy 2018.’
According to the government Spokesman Ofwono Opondo, the policy is to work in five  fashions; Strengthening partnership among all anti-corruption stakeholders as well as Enhancing the capacity of Anti-Corruption institution to accelerate the momentum of forcing the elaborate legal framework.
Others are ‘Establishing internal inspection units in all ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government to effectively detect and prevent corruption from occurring’, ‘Inculcating a culture of integrity, accountability and patriotism at all levels of society.’
The last one, according to Opondo ‘Demonstrating commitment by all leaders from the Executive, Legislatures and Judiciary to implement the recommendations of the anti-corruption, oversight institutions and commission of inquiry.’
“This policy will restore the public sector ethics and strengthening the social and moral fabric rights from young generation to the elderly,” said Fr. Lukodo state minister for Ethics and Integrity.